Art Campbell wrote: 

> The reference to SP3 that you mentioned...  a security "fix" in SP3
> breaks objects imported with OLE. So those types of imports break.
> The other graphics are probably imported as files, by reference, and
> don't use OLE.
> The fix is to replace the OLE objects by converting them to graphics
> and importing them by reference.

Just to spell it out for those who don't know: When Art refers to OLE,
that's File > Import > Object. Don't import OLE objects! It's evil, I
tell you! ;-)

Michelle/Terie mentioned Visio and Canvas. I have no experience with the
latter, but I use a fair number of Visio graphics. I strongly recommend
making PDFs of them and importing those by reference (with File > Import
> File). If you have a recent version of Acrobat Pro (and install it
after Visio), it puts a Convert to PDF plugin into Visio, so it's a
one-click operation. 


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