cseal at sympatico.ca wrote:
> FM7.2
> Some paragraphs in a document I inherited have 'Para f:*footnote ref'
> as a paragraph tag. I have been unable to remove the reference to
> 'f:*footnote ref.' I've tried retagging with the correct tag,
> selecting the text and applying Default Font - I've found nothing
> that works. What else should I try?
> Chris

Hi Chris,

That's not a paragraph tag.  The "f:" indicates it's a character tag. 
The asterisk means it's an override, which is to say the format is not 
in the Character Tag catalog, though the definition with the name 
"footnote ref" does exist in the document.

I don't know why it does not go away when you select the text and apply 
Default Pgf Font -- is it possible that the char tag is applied to the 
entire paragraph, thus overriding the pgf tag's own definition with a 
non-catalog definition?  Try selecting the entire pgf including pilcrow 
and applying the pgf tag and then Default Pgf Font.


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