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>  Mulholland asked:
> > I have recently moved from XP to Vista. When I save my frame files I
> > always get a message stating "Cannot be undone. Undo history will be
> lost.
> > OK to continue?" Apart from being annoying, especially when I save all
> files
> > in a book at once. Is there any way of turning this off? I never got this
> > message when I was using XP, is it a Vista feature?
> > Thanks
> It's not a Vista feature, it's an annoyance of FrameMaker 8.0/9.0 that came
> along with multiple undo. By default, FrameMaker warns you each and every
> time you perform an action that will clear the undo history buffer. Saving a
> file is such an action, and the message is warning you that the undo
> function will not be useful after you sav ethe file. It's a case of
> FrameMaker warnign you about something that other applications (like MS
> Word) simply do witout telling you. And perhaps Adobe has also
> over-compensated a bit because it does represent changed behavior from
> earlier versions.
> But in any event, you can turn down the frequency of the warnigns or turn
> them off entirely via the "Show warnings while clearing history" item in in
> the File>Preferences>General dialog.
> -Fred Ridder

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