I am using TCS2 with Frame 9 with the patch on XP SP3. 

For me the new user interface seems a little confusing and inconsistent in how 
it works, but I am figuring out most of it by experimentation and trial & 
error. The Help file is mostly worthless. Seems they forgot to update it for 
the new interface and icons in many cases. 

Two UI items however, escape me. 

1. I cannot get the Paragraph Formatting tool bar Tab icons to work. On earlier 
versions I could drag them onto the ruler to add new tabs. While I can move 
existing tabs on the ruler, I cannot seem to add new with the icons. The tab 
icons seem inoperative, as I cannot make to do anything through dragging, 
double-click, etc. I do see the "New Tab Stop" text in the paragraph designer 
flicker when I click an icon, but nothing else happens . 

2. If I use the "Screen Mode" icon to select? "Full Screen Mode" the menus 
correctly disappear. So far the only way I have found to get back out of that 
mode is to close and reopen the file using keyboard shortcuts. (Ctrl-W) I 
cannot find a keyboard shortcut or key to get back out, and menu is gone of 
course. What is interesting is that re-opening the file gives you the menus 
back, but "Screen Mode" remains in "Full Screen Mode" (checkmark) even though 
it is not. 

With respect to "Recent Items" on the splash screen and "File>History" I find 
expected behavior both before and after installing the patch. Seems to work OK 
for me. 

Oran Petersen 

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