> 2. If I use the "Screen Mode" icon to select "Full Screen Mode" the menus 
> correctly disappear. So far the only way I have found to get back out of 
> that mode is to close and reopen the file using keyboard shortcuts. 
> (Ctrl-W) I cannot find a keyboard shortcut or key to get back out, and 
> menu is gone of course. What is interesting is that re-opening the file 
> gives you the menus back, but "Screen Mode" remains in "Full Screen Mode" 
> (checkmark) even though it is not.

Right-click, then choose Toggle Screen Mode from the context menu.

wincmds.cfg lists these shortcuts:
    Esc S M s for standard screen mode.
    Esc S M u for full screen with user interface.
    Esc SM f for full screen.
    Esc SM t to toggle screen mode.
However, none of these shortucts works for me-- only the right-click and 
Toggle Screen Mode.

Mike Wickham

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