Hi Carla,
AFAIK, table footnotes have always behaved that way. We also have tables
in our manuals that span several pages and all of the footnotes are at
the bottom of the table. My big pet peeve is when the table is long
enough that the footnotes flip to the top of the next page, without
taking the last row of the table with them. That just looks dumb.

Berny Gagne
Lead Writer
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.
Bolton, Ontario, Canada

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I haven't used table footnotes in ages, but I have a need for them in a
current document.

Am I losing my mind, or have they always appeared only at the *end* of
the table, even when it spans pages? Pretty darn inconvenient if you've
got a footnote on the first page of the table and have to go 2 pages
later to find out what it means...

I can't seem to find a setting to change this.


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