Hi Carla,

I had this problem recently. Here's how I 'faked' it.

I created a 'real' footnote reference in text outside the table, so the
footnote text appears at the bottom of the page with the other 'real'
footnotes. Then I 'hid' the footnote reference by making it white and very
small. Lastly I added a superscript number in the table to resemble the
footnote reference. 
Caution: Although this method will automatically update the footnotes if
there are changes ahead of this table footnote, the fake footnote reference
in the table is not updated automatically, and would have to be updated if
necessary. There is probably a way of automating this.

In my situation I had to make a Framemaker document look like an existing
printed report.


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I haven't used table footnotes in ages, but I have a need for them in a
current document.

Am I losing my mind, or have they always appeared only at the *end* of
the table, even when it spans pages? Pretty darn inconvenient if you've
got a footnote on the first page of the table and have to go 2 pages
later to find out what it means...

I can't seem to find a setting to change this.


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