We've all been where you are. This one took me a while to remember, even
after I learned about it.

Here's how to do it:

You have to add a row to the heading. 

1. Click in the row below the current "heading" row.

2. Select Tables > Add Rows or Columns.

3. Select To Heading.

4. Click Add. 

5. Cut and paste the text from the old "heading" row into the new row.

6. Delete the now-blank row. 

As far as I know, there is no way to convert an existing row to a heading

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Probably doesn't exist but it would make my life easier if I could ask 
in Help and question using Word terms like:

How do I get the header row to repeat on each page?

Which Word translates to mean: "Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages"

But the same phrase "Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages"

Typed in the search box yields the source topic: "Placing graphics in 
table cells"

And asking Frame directly: "How do I get the header row to repeat on 
each page?"

Yields: No topics found.

And the answer might be under "FrameMaker tables" but if it is, I can't 
figure out if it applies to elements for structural tables and table 
parts, and the help is fairly incomprehensible for a noob like me.

I'm sure it's fairly easy but it's not intuitive to me, and it can be 
daunting to know how to easily do something in Word and be unable to 
describe that concept in terms Frame can understand.

I'm running Frame8, and I have Classroom in a Book, but a good chunk of 
what it covers isn't applicable to what we do.

Does anyone one else have this problem or is everyone here a guru?

Eva Whitley, ETOSS Contract
SSMC-2, 16129


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