To set up a table, from the menu bar, select Table>Insert Table.  Select a
table format from the menu that is displayed.  FM then displays a dialog
box.  Select the number of header and body rows, and columns.  Note that you
can always add or delete any of these things to/from a table once you have
placed it. Heading rows ALWAYS repeat across pages.  You do not have to set
this.  In the dialog box, you also select whether you want the table to have
a title.  Note that the table title is attached to the table, not a separate
text string as it is in Word.

There are several ways to add rows to a table.  You know that in Word, you
place the cursor at the end of the last row and press the Tab key.  In FM,
press Ctrl Enter to do the same thing. Or you can highlight a number of rows
in the existing table and type Esc t a.  (table add rows or columns).  In
the dialog box that is displayed, select where you want to add the same
number of rows that you highlighted.  Very similar to Word.

After placing the table and entering a table title, you can use the Table
Continuation variable to automatically add the word "Continued" at the end
of the table title if it runs over a page long.  But variables may be a bit
ahead of you still.  When you get there, just post a message to the list and
someone will walk you through it.  There are quite a few experts on this
list of several thousand FM users.

Jim mentioned autonumbering.  One really nice thing about autonumbering in
FM that you will like is that when you set it, it stays there.  No more
opening up a file and finding that all your numbering sequences start with
501,502,503 that were 1, 2, 3, etc when you closed the file.  No more having
to "open and repair" the files either.  :-)  Welcome to FM.


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In Frame, you don't have to worry too much about this. You just set up
the table to have so many header rows, and they show up on subsequent pages.

It sounds like you are in the paradigm-shift phase, where you have a
certain conception of how to do things, Frame isn't living up to them,
and you are getting annoyed with Frame. I know this always happens to me
when I learn a new tool!

Stay with it. But when you get to autonumbering, remember -- we're here!

Eva Whitley wrote:
> Probably doesn't exist but it would make my life easier if I could ask
> in Help and question using Word terms like:
> How do I get the header row to repeat on each page?
> Which Word translates to mean: "Repeat a table heading on subsequent
> But the same phrase "Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages"
> Typed in the search box yields the source topic: "Placing graphics in
> table cells"
> And asking Frame directly: "How do I get the header row to repeat on
> each page?"
> Yields: No topics found.
> And the answer might be under "FrameMaker tables" but if it is, I can't
> figure out if it applies to elements for structural tables and table
> parts, and the help is fairly incomprehensible for a noob like me.
> I'm sure it's fairly easy but it's not intuitive to me, and it can be
> daunting to know how to easily do something in Word and be unable to
> describe that concept in terms Frame can understand.
> I'm running Frame8, and I have Classroom in a Book, but a good chunk of
> what it covers isn't applicable to what we do.
> Does anyone one else have this problem or is everyone here a guru?


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