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> Probably doesn't exist but it would make my life easier if I could ask
> in Help and question using Word terms like:
> How do I get the header row to repeat on each page?
> Which Word translates to mean: "Repeat a table heading on subsequent
> But the same phrase "Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages"
> Typed in the search box yields the source topic: "Placing graphics in
> table cells"
> And asking Frame directly: "How do I get the header row to repeat on
> each page?"
> Yields: No topics found.

You've gotten some helpful responses, but none have stated explicitly
the key difference between the two programs in this regard: In FM,
there's no such thing as a heading row that _doesn't_ repeat on each
page. That's what distinguishes heading (and footing) rows from body
rows. So FM's help doesn't tell you how to make a table heading repeat
because you don't have to do that. :-) 

That said, it would be nice if the "About tables" topic, for one, had
more than a passing mention of heading, footing, and body rows and
instead briefly explained how they differ. Out of curiosity, I just
checked my old Using Adobe FrameMaker 5 book (it came with 5.5.6, I
believe), and it does say that heading and footing rows (and titles)
repeat on each page. 

It might be worth hunting down an older FM manual (5.5.6 or earlier).
Sure, it won't help with newer features (like the numbering improvements
introduced in FM 6), but it covers the unchanged core functionality in
greater depth than today's manual/help. 

It's worth checking out third-party books on FM, too. Like Classroom in
a Book, they'll have chunks that don't immediately apply to what you do
(but those chunks still help you learn the program and are likely to be
useful at some point). Each is likely to cover at least some of what's
relevant, and since they all differ in presentation, you might grasp
things more easily from one than from another. 

Hang in there -- persistence pays off! :-)


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