Spectrum Writing wrote:

> And FM  locks on me and that's the end of the story.  After many
> to
> correct this, I simply gave up and decided to uninstall/reinstall FM
> thinking that would solve the issue. When I put in disk1 of my TCS2
> disk, and request to uninstall (NOT reinstall/uninstall) Adobe FM 9
> Adobe Acrobat Extended Pro, I can only uninstall FM 9.0! when I try to
> simply uninstall and reinstall Adobe Acrobat Extended Pro 9, I get
> message:

Tammy, have you tried doing it via Control Panel > Add or Remove
Programs? It may just fire up the same Technical Communication Suite 2
Installer program that you're running from the DVD, but OTOH, the
installed version may be more aware of / in control of what's happening
at the OS level. 

> RSo3Middletierservice. exe and MiddleTierservice.exe are running and
> WON'T let me uninstall anything else. WTF? I have absolutely NOTHING
> open during the uninstall - I have closed everything including
> snagit, etc. and for the life of me, I can't uninstall.

Have you tried ending those processes in Task Manager's Processes tab? 

FWIW, I just shut down Acrobat, and in Task Manager, I see
RSo3Middletierservice.exe and RSO3Server.exe (which sounds related)
listed as running processes, but not MiddleTierservice.exe.

> I finally gave that up and went to a RevoUninstaller and even that
> uninstall  the rest of TCS2. I get the same message about the .exe
> being open.
> I am LOCKED in uninstall hell with TCS2 and I need to be able to clean
> system and do a clean reinstall.

IMO, Adobe has a long history of handling installs, upgrades, and
uninstalls poorly, and I'm sorry to learn that that's still the case. My

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