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> the program folders for Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 C:\Program Files
> (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2\Adobe Acrobat) will
> delete - under no circumstances can I get these deleted -

That part is SOP for most software uninstalls. If there are any locally
modified files -- e.g., settings/config files, user or system data of
any kind -- the uninstall program generally leaves those (and the
directory structure that contains them) behind. That way, you can
uninstall/reinstall without losing your settings, templates,
preferences, etc. 

(Yeah, I know -- all that stuff is supposed to be somewhere in Documents
and Settings, not Program Files. But go uninstall any 5 or 6 randomly
selected applications, and I bet half of them will leave a Program Files
directory or three containing some kind of data.)

I'm guessing that if you explore the directories that remain, you'll see
that the application files (.exe, .dll, etc.) are gone and only data
files remain. 

>From the rest of what you say, it sure sounds like there is a real
problem (not the least with Adobe support). But be aware that the mere
existence of those folders is probably not part of that problem.

> 1.) when I say uninstall Adobe Acrobat pro 9 using TCS2 uninstall, it
> that Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 is NOT installed on my system.
> 2.) when I go to the control panel, nothing is showing for TCS2 or
> Acrobat Pro 9
> 3.) when I open Windows Install clean and even Revo uninstaller,
> shows for adobe Acrobat Pro 9.

If the Add or Remove Programs list doesn't include "Adobe Technical
Communication Suite 2," then presumably you've uninstalled the entire
suite. Explore the Program Files directories that remain and you should
be able to confirm that. 

> so, when I try to install using my TCS2 installation disks, FM9 and
> install, then the system craps out on Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended and I
> can't
> get past this and as  result, I can't install Captivate and Photoshop.

So it completed the FM and RH installs? At that point, go to Control
Panel > Add or Remove Programs and see if Adobe Technical Communication
Suite 2 is listed. If so, click Change/Remove to open the TCS 2
Installer (the one on your hard disk, not on the DVD). 

Make a note of what the status of the products is -- which are shown as
installable and which are listed as reinstallable -- that information
may be useful to you or to support (I know, I'm an optimist) later. 

Then, I'd suggest selecting all the products that can be installed or
reinstalled and trying to run this installer (not the one on the DVD).
If necessary, fire up Task Manager and end any processes that the
installer says are running, like RSO3Server.exe. 

You do have admin rights, right? 

Sorry, I can't think of anything else right now -- other than raising
more hell with Adobe support. Good luck!

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