I'm assuming that in the FM Print dialog box, you have Generate Acrobat Data
ON (or none of the links would work). But check it.

And in your PDF properties, try turning Tagged PDF to ON.

Also, if you're using the PDF printer to generate the PS file, there's no
difference between doing that and printing to the PDF printer directly,
except that printing to the printer directly saves you a manual step and
should process faster.

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On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Jo Watkiss <JoWatkiss at watkiss.com> wrote:

> I'm almost embarassed to ask a question about FrameMaker 6 - but I hope
> you can cast your minds back and offer some help ....
> I have a book file with approx 10 files and numerous cross-references
> between them.
> All appears OK in Frame, but when I convert to a single PDF, some of
> them work as hyperlinks and some don't.
> I have been unable to find any pattern as to why some work and some
> don't.
> All are defined in the same way, and I've checked the destination
> markers and they all look OK - for example:
> Marker type: Cross-Ref
> Marker Text: 76307: H2 Heading2: Collection Table Adjustment
> I'm converting to PDF by 'writing' a postscript file using Adobe PDF and
> then running through distiller.
> I've tried toggling the postscript between 'optimise for speed' /
> 'optimise for portability', which makes no difference.
> Using FrameMaker 6
> Acrobat 8
> Win XP
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Jo
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