In response to Jo Watkiss, Art Campbell wrote: 

> Glad you solved the problem.
> Adobe PDF logical printers print books in a single step as the default
> behaviour... As far as I know, the only way to get it to print into separate
> files is to specify separate files on the FM print dialog box, to get around
> the default.
> So I'd suggest really looking at all the checkboxes on the Print dialog
> see what you're specifying. Generate Acrobat must be checked, but
> Print To File and Separate files should be OFF.

Perhaps what is confusing Jo is that whenever you toggle the Generate Acrobat 
Data option from unchecked to checked, it also automatically selects the Print 
To File option. You can then uncheck Print To File without affecting the 
Generate Acrobat Data setting, but you have to remember to do it. On my first 
go at producing a PDF from a book, I forget that step as often as I remember 
it, and I periodically have to purge my system of all the unneeded and unused 
PS files that I created in those "D'oh!!!" moments.

But I agree that I have never observed the Separate Files option be selected as 
the default.

-Fred Ridder 

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