Stuart Rogers wrote:

> I think Jo said she is using 6.0, which may not have the separate files 
> option. But I seem to remember that early versions of FM would produce 
> a separate PDF per chapter when printing from the book window if you put 
> an asterisk (only) in the filename box for Print to file.

Right you are, Stuart. I had been remembering FM6 as the first version that 
included the separate files option. But a quick visit to my bookshelf proved 
that I was mistaken; that feature wasn't introduced until FM7.

But the fact is that the only way that you could get FM6 to produce separate 
PDFs for the chapters in a book was to print to file and use an asterisk in 
place of a filename. As I recall, there was no way to get separate PDFs 
directly; you always had to print to PS, then distill. It was about as far as 
you can get from default behavior.

-Fred Ridder

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