TCS 2 - all components up to date with the latest patches

I have successfully distilled this FM document many times before, when all
of a sudden poof- I am getting this bizarre message:

When you create a postscript file, you must rely on system fonts and use
document fonts. Please go to printer properties "Adobe PDF Settings" page
and turn OFF the option "Rely on system fonts only. Do not use document

Uh, the fonts that I was initially using (American Standard and Phylliis D)
are installed on my system and I have successfully made PDFs many times
before with these fonts, but in a desperate time crunch, I converted the
fonts to good old Arial and TNR only and yes, I double-checked that, but no
matter what I do, turn off this blasted setting (which I never had to mess
with before) or turn on this blasted setting for my Adobe PDF printer, I get
the same blasted message and FM hangs when I request to distill the document
and I can't this dam___d document to distill in preparation for a PDF.

Any and all advice is appreciated.


Tammy Van Boening
Spectrum Writing, LLC
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