And it would be good to check that the Adobe PDF printer is set as the
system default printer, either in the OS or with a Frame plug-in, so
that no other printer fonts can complicate life.


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On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 5:21 PM, Combs, Richard
<richard.combs at> wrote:
> Tammy Van Boening wrote:
>> TCS 2 - all components up to date with the latest patches
>> I have successfully distilled this FM document many times before, when
> all
>> of a sudden poof- I am getting this bizarre message:
>> When you create a postscript file, you must rely on system fonts and
> use
>> document fonts. Please go to printer properties "Adobe PDF Settings"
> page
>> and turn OFF the option "Rely on system fonts only. Do not use
> document
>> fonts."
>> Uh, the fonts that I was initially using (American Standard and
> Phylliis D)
>> are installed on my system and I have successfully made PDFs many
> times
>> before with these fonts, but in a desperate time crunch, I converted
> the
>> fonts to good old Arial and TNR only and yes, I double-checked that,
> but no
>> matter what I do, turn off this blasted setting (which I never had to
> mess
>> with before) or turn on this blasted setting for my Adobe PDF printer,
> I
>> get
>> the same blasted message and FM hangs when I request to distill the
>> document
>> and I can't this dam___d document to distill in preparation for a PDF.
> Hmm. The lengthy tooltip for that setting says it only needs to be
> turned off if the document contains embedded fonts that aren't installed
> on your system. ?Well, if the fonts _are_ installed on your system, that
> setting shouldn't even matter. :-}
> When I recently installed TPS 2, Acrobat 9 couldn't find my custom
> .joboptions files. Apparently, Adobe pulled one of its favorite new
> version tricks: they changed the location of those files without a
> thought to backward compatibility or to having the installation program
> copy the existing files from the Acro 7 location to the new one. I
> wonder if something similar/related is at work here. Did this stop
> working when you upgraded, or sometime later?
> In Distiller, you might check if the Font Locations list contains the
> location of those fonts. Also, to eliminate a problem with the specific
> doc, create a new one that uses those fonts and see if you can PDF that.
> Also, are you using Save As PDF or printing to Adobe PDF printer? Try
> the other. Try printing to a file (using Adobe PDF printer). See if a
> log file is created that shows when it failed and why.
> If all else fails, try sacrificing a goat. ;-)
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