Tammy Van Boening wrote:

> TCS 2 - all components up to date with the latest patches
> I have successfully distilled this FM document many times before, when
> of a sudden poof- I am getting this bizarre message:
> When you create a postscript file, you must rely on system fonts and
> document fonts. Please go to printer properties "Adobe PDF Settings"
> and turn OFF the option "Rely on system fonts only. Do not use
> fonts."
> Uh, the fonts that I was initially using (American Standard and
Phylliis D)
> are installed on my system and I have successfully made PDFs many
> before with these fonts, but in a desperate time crunch, I converted
> fonts to good old Arial and TNR only and yes, I double-checked that,
but no
> matter what I do, turn off this blasted setting (which I never had to
> with before) or turn on this blasted setting for my Adobe PDF printer,
> get
> the same blasted message and FM hangs when I request to distill the
> document
> and I can't this dam___d document to distill in preparation for a PDF.

Hmm. The lengthy tooltip for that setting says it only needs to be
turned off if the document contains embedded fonts that aren't installed
on your system.  Well, if the fonts _are_ installed on your system, that
setting shouldn't even matter. :-} 

When I recently installed TPS 2, Acrobat 9 couldn't find my custom
.joboptions files. Apparently, Adobe pulled one of its favorite new
version tricks: they changed the location of those files without a
thought to backward compatibility or to having the installation program
copy the existing files from the Acro 7 location to the new one. I
wonder if something similar/related is at work here. Did this stop
working when you upgraded, or sometime later? 

In Distiller, you might check if the Font Locations list contains the
location of those fonts. Also, to eliminate a problem with the specific
doc, create a new one that uses those fonts and see if you can PDF that.

Also, are you using Save As PDF or printing to Adobe PDF printer? Try
the other. Try printing to a file (using Adobe PDF printer). See if a
log file is created that shows when it failed and why. 

If all else fails, try sacrificing a goat. ;-)

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