One of the habits I've gotten into is to put some random characters in
the Change field while I'm looking for something, not wanting to do a
global change. For example, if I want to search for each instance of
"dog", I might put "XCLQF%$" in the Change field. That way, if things go
south, I just have to reverse the process, globally search for "XCLQF%$"
and change it back to "dog". To make this work, you have to use a random
string that you KNOW is not in your document anywhere.

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Before I had Frame 9, I had Frame 7, and I used to would Find things

1. Press Ctrl-f
2. Start typing the text to find.
3. Press Enter.

Now in Frame 9, when I press ctrl-f, the Find/Change pod displays, but
cursor is rarely waiting there in the text box. In fact, the "focus"
to be unpredictable.

This has bitten me a few times already. I hit ctrl-f and start typing,
Frame decides that I meant to do a global search and replace. It might
that I'm typing "c" and that activates the Change button. Lucky for me,
usually got the Document rather than the Book radio button selected, so
only makes the change in the current chapter. And I can do a quick Undo

Lucky until today, that is. This time the Book radio button was lit up,
Frame replaced x with y 27 times across all chapter files. And it opens
one, makes the changes, and closes it, so there is no Undo. I had to
open up
each of 18 chapter files, search for the replace text, evaluate each
occurrence with my actual mind to see if was one of the inadvertent
replacements, and fix it back.

Anyone else experienced this? Any advice, other than to slow down and to
rely less on keyboard shortcuts?

Dave D.

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