Avraham Makeler wrote: 

> I need a simple Find-Replace operation, which I thought I asked about
> before ... but not quite.
> I now need to look for all instances of the company's name, e.g.,
Acme, and
> apply a character style to it.

I strongly suggest that instead, you replace all instances of Acme with
a variable, e.g., CompanyName, whose definition includes both the char
format and the text. The EZVars plug-in from electropubs.com makes
replacing text with a variable (and other variable-related tasks) ... um
... EZ.

> And if I am already asking, how would I apply italics to the text,
> of applying a character style?

Don't. If you need to do this to all instances of Acme, why would you
want to use ad hoc formatting, creating countless overrides?

> I have looked at a number of articles about doing Find-Replace with
> but
> they all seem to discuss how to change one tag to another, or how to
> local formatting to a tag, and not how to look for text and apply to
it a
> tag or formatting.

Use Copy Special to copy the char tag to the clipboard and then change
by pasting. 

> I saw somebody recommended Rick Quattro's Find-Replace plug-in. I
> find it. Does anybody have a link to this?


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