Richard, you are absolutely correct!

I just tested EZVars as well, and the method works perfectly.

Using EZVars, combined with Sharon's "add the character tag" to a
variable recommendation:

        (a) creates the new variable with the required minimum set of
font changes like italic and spread and
        (b) properly searches for and substitutes the variable for the

FWIW, my most heavily used plug-in is Leximation's BookVars (by a wide
margin) ... and EZTools's EZVars is next. :)


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Avraham Makeler wrote:

> Thanks Sharon,Ok, I have done it and it works ...
> ... almost completely.

Sharon was absolutely correct about creating a variable. But there's a
"gotcha" with the Find/Replace strategy for replacing the company name
text with the variable: When you copy the variable (her step 5), you're
copying _that specific instance_ of the variable, including the
formatting of that instance (i.e., the formatting it inherits from the
pgf it's in). 

So if you copy an instance in body text, it works when you paste it into
body text, but when you paste it into a heading, it's the wrong size,
font, weight ... whatever. 

That's why I recommended EZVars from It lets you
replace the company name text with a _new instance_ of the variable,
just as if you'd selected the text, selected Special > Variable, and
replaced the text with a variable. Give it a trial -- I think you'll
agree it's well worth the modest cost.

If for some reason you can't try EZVars, follow Sharon's instructions,
but in multiple stages. First, create and copy an instance of the
variable in body text and use it to replace all body text occurrences of
the company name. Then create and copy an instance of the variable in
your Heading 1 pgf and use it to replace Heading 1 occurrences of the
company name. Repeat for other pgf formats as necessary. 

Or, since there are probably far fewer replacements needed in headings,
etc., just use Find to select those and then use Special > Variable to
replace the text manually. 


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