> Just one small problem though... I used the Emphasis character style.
I tried to apply "As is" to all the formatting of Emphasis, and then to
set it to italics, but it didn't "stick". So when I then applied the
Emphasis style to a title, for example, it changed the font of the word
Acme to whatever size and color Emphasis is, which in my case, is
italicized body text.

Hmmm, I use this feature *all* the time. My emphasis character tag only
applies italics to the selected characters ... and never messes with the
size or font or color!

I use it in titles, footnotes, body text, etc., (with different fonts
and sizes) without any difficulty.

My swag: are you not using the "Update All" button in the Character
Designer window when changing the definition for "emphasis" (after doing
the "Set Window to As Is" from the Command pull-down menu in that
Character Designer window)?


Sidebar: my only minor pet peeve is that I want my "emphasis" to be
selective: when the underlying *default* font is Regular, I want the
emphasis to be italic ... and vice-versa!

No such luck - I asked about this on this forum before and no-one had an
answer! :(

So, I use two character tags - one for paragraphs with Regular default
fonts (to make the emphasized text be italic) and one with paragraphs
with italic default fonts (to make the emphasized text be regular).

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