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>I'm using Mif2Go to generate OmniHelp. I'm trying to copy my referenced
>graphics into the distribution directory. My mif2htm.ini has these settings:
>GraphCopyFiles= *.gif *.png
>The graphics are not written to the wrap directory so all the graphics are
>missing from the final htm output. Any suggestions?

This setup says that you really have the .gif and .png graphics already in
existence, and they are located at C:\rep\documentation\trunk\MEMSplus.
Is that correct?  That's not the *same* MEMSplus dir you are referencing
as the wrap and ship dirs, is it?  I can't tell because you didn't say
where you were running this from.  It shouldn't be, or you'd be saying
to copy them to themselves, which does nothing (and is in fact ignored,
we check for that).

Also, it's better to have the wrap and ship dirs separate.  For
OmniHelp, you typically run an ArchiveCommand to .zip the results
in wrap, and then we move that zip to ship.  Many projects can
share the same ship; it makes distribution much easier if they do.

If you actually want graphics generated (which is poorer quality, if
you already have them available), as David thinks, you'd need to set

Also, if you use StripGraphPath=No, and don't set a GraphPath, you
are saying to preserve the original paths from the Frame files.
Those are unlikely to work.  If you are putting the graphics in
the same dir as the HTML, you definitely want StripGraphPath=Yes.


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