Hi Jeremy,

Running the copy command from the command prompt works. So how do I avoid
having to run the commands from the command line every time I regenerate the
online help? Getting rid of the plus sign in the directory path doesn't
solve the problem as to why the graphics aren't being automatically copied
to the wrap directory.



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>I do want to use the original graphics; as you said, generating them
>in poorer quality. The wrap path and the CopyGraphicsFrom directory are not
>the same; they have the same name, but are in different locations. The wrap
>path is C:\rep\documentation\trunk\MEMS+OmniHelp\MEMSplus. The CopyGraphics
>directory is on the C:\rep\documentation\trunk\MEMSplus. But if I change
>wrap directory to some other name, it doesn't solve my problem.

No, I wouldn't expect it to, since they are different actual locations.

>Changing the StripGraphPath to Yes still doesn't get my graphics into the
>wrap directory.

That was so that the HTML files could see them if they were there.  If
the original path were preserved, they would be looking elsewhere.

>This is driving me nuts. Any other suggestions?

The next thing I'd do to diagnose is open a Command Prompt window,
enter the commands we use by hand, and see if any problem appears:

cd C:\rep\documentation\trunk\MEMS+OmniHelp\MEMSplus
copy /Y "C:\rep\documentation\trunk\MEMSplus\*.jpg"
copy /Y "C:\rep\documentation\trunk\MEMSplus\*.gif"

See if the files are really copied this time.  If not, the path
is wrong.  But I suspect they will be copied.  When we do the
copy, we add one more part, the destination path, to each copy:


Why would that be a problem?  Because "+" has a meaning to the
copy command, and will make the whole line mean something else.
That is why you should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use any characters
in a file or path name other than letters and digits...


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