Syed.Hosain at wrote:
> Hi, all.
> My old laptop is not functioning and I need to migrate to a new one that
> is now on my desk.
> Unfortunately, I cannot find my FrameMaker 8 disks anywhere (although I
> have the license info printed and saved away luckily) ... is there any
> place on the Adobe web site that I can use to download the installation
> file?
> I can only see the FrameMaker 9 file on their site, but since I am not
> yet using that ... unfortunately, it will not work.
> Help!

The oxymoronic customer support people should provide those files for 
you to download.

At least that is what they told me in their Indian English 
accents--twice--that I would be able to download earlier installers of 
FrameMaker. They said that I would receive emails to that effect--from 
two different customer support people at Adobe. And I am still waiting...


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