> For standard typefaces embedded in print PDF documents, I use Palatino
Linotype for serifs, the new (free) Inconsolata-dk for monospaced, and
any of a number of sans-serif typefaces--usually Arial, Verdana,
Calibri., etc.

Hi, Gary.

Did you mean Inconsolata-dk or Incolsolata-dz? I have not seen the
former ... just found the latter and will do some comparisons to my
current favorite (see below).

My fonts for printed technical documentation - these are always sent to
customers in PDF files:

1. Palatino Linotype for all body text. I used to use Palatino and
discovered an unusual spacing problem with copyright, registered and
trademark letters. The space after these characters is insufficient and
they are too close to the first character of the next word. I don't know
if others see it too and it is just a problem with the Palatino font I
have - I can provide a PDF sample if anyone wants.

2. Helvetica for all headers. I used to use Arial, but was clearly shown
(in this list! :)) that Helvetica looks a lot better in larger sizes
(like headers) and in printed form - better curves, etc.

3. Consolas for monospaced code examples, etc. I used to use Courier,
but after I discovered Consolas (in Word 2007) some years ago, I have
not looked back!


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