While everyone is on the subject of font usage and availability, I
thought I would add some text about my experiences with having a
corporate font style.

The new Microsoft fonts [Calibri, Candara, Consolas, Cambria,
Constantia, and Corbel] are available in Office 2007 installations, but
is also available with Microsoft's "office compatibility pack".
Alternatively, the files can be extracted from the PowerPoint 2007 view
package and installed manually [without needing to install PowerPoint]

While the new Office fonts look good, we have to support customers in
non-English locales which necessitates using fonts that can support
native language character sets, such as Greek, Eastern European, etc.
As a result, we typically use Arial which can support most of the
characters we require.  

We would use Arial Unicode MS, as it supports a greater range of
characters, but the implementation is rather limited.   It's rather
disappointing that there is no single Unicode font that can support
*all* locales.

So, if you have other languages to consider, you may be limited with
your choices of fonts.

// Simon BUCH -- eAIP consultant at Managed-AIS

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