I think it's worth upgrading before falling off the "upgrade path." *If* 
in the next version you can only upgrade from 8.0, then you are stuck 
using the old version forever unless you want to buy a new version, 
which is much more expensive than the upgrade. So every few versions I 
think it's worth an upgrade. By the way, I do find it easier to work 
with 9.0 than with 7.2.

Shmuel Wolfson
Technical Writer

Jim Duszynski wrote:
> Is there any advantage to upgrade from FM 7.2 to FM 9? I am using FM9 trial 
> now and not finding enough improvement in features to justify the c0st to my 
> management.
> Another way to ask the question is, does anyone have any experience with FM 
> 7.2 and compatibility with computer system utilities as time goes by?
> Thanks!
> Jim Duszynski
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