I haven't got as far as FM9, but the upgrade from FM7.2 to FM8 was well
worth it for me because of its support of Boolean operators in condition
expressions. I use conditions a lot and this feature (in conjunction with
FrameScript - the standalone Boolean condition functionality in FM8 isn't
useful enough on its own) simplified my workflow greatly, more than
justifying the upgrade cost. (Plus I happened to coincide with the TCS1
release so upgrading to the suite was a bonus). I haven't yet felt the need
to upgrade further, though.

Alexandra Wilowska

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Subject: Any advantage to upgrade-FM7.2 to FM9?

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Is there any advantage to upgrade from FM 7.2 to FM 9? I am using FM9 trial
now and not finding enough improvement in features to justify the c0st to my

Another way to ask the question is, does anyone have any experience with FM
7.2 and compatibility with computer system utilities as time goes by?


Jim Duszynski

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