Art Campbell wrote:

> Yup, that was the official release, but there were betas and "escaped"
> releases way before then.  Frame Tech was more of a UNIX house and the
> UNIX>Linus porting work was largely done there; Adobe never did much
> with any workstation products

There was no official Linux release, the 5.5.6 version _was_ the beta.
Here's a LinuxWorld post about the end of beta testing and the decision
not to release a final product: 

You're right about FT being more UNIX-oriented -- that's where FM began.
(I first saw FM on Sun 3/60s about '88 or '89. I thought it had promise,
but wasn't ready to replace the Interleaf software we were using.) 

At one time, it ran under SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, and who
knows what other flavors. So if by "escaped," you mean someone (in or
out of FT/Adobe) hacked a way to run one of those UNIX versions on
Linux, I suppose it's possible... I only know about the 5.5.6 beta. 

Sorry to be so argumentative and picky. I've been doing tedious
gruntwork for hours, due to the complete revamping of a product's menu
structure, and it's made me cranky. 

Plus, I never lie and I'm always right. ;-)

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