I'm using something like your suggested workflow.

The downside of it is that pasting into the pre-formatted frame doesn't work 
well. Even if the scratch icon bitmap is selected, pasting doesn't replace it. 
Selecting the frame and pasting results in the bitmap appearing in the centre 
of the page. It has to be manually dragged from there to the frame.

Just documenting the tooltip text is a huge failure in usability for the end 

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Extracting the icons from the plug-in source should not be difficult, they're 
usually all in one directory.

Assuming the icons are all the same size, in a separate .fm file create one 
frame with one scratch icon bitmap with all the settings as you want them. Copy 
and paste that into your main document, copy your new icon bitmap, select the 
scratch icon bitmap, and paste.

I think that's the fastest workflow you'll get unless maybe you wrote a 
FrameScript macro.

To me it seems like a huge waste of time. I'd just document the tooltip text.

On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 1:40 AM, Alastair Dent <alastair.dent at imgtec.com> 
> I'm documenting a complex plugin for Eclipse. I will only know which buttons 
> I need in the text as I'm writing. To pull out the button icons from the 
> entire product and convert them would be a huge job.

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