Alastair Dent wrote:

> I'm using something like your suggested workflow.
> The downside of it is that pasting into the pre-formatted frame doesn't work
> well. Even if the scratch icon bitmap is selected, pasting doesn't replace it.
> Selecting the frame and pasting results in the bitmap appearing in the centre
> of the page. It has to be manually dragged from there to the frame.

I haven't followed this closely, but I think what you want is Robert's workflow 
without the pasting. Although selecting the frame and pasting should work (and 
IIRC it used to), pasting graphics into FM is generally a bad idea. Importing 
(whether by reference or by copying into the document) is much better. 

Assuming you've put all the icon files in a single graphics folder, importing 
is just as fast as copy/paste (maybe faster after the first one). 

1) Where you want to insert an icon, paste the properly sized/set anchored 
frame containing what Robert called the "scratch icon bitmap." 

2) Click the scratch icon to select it (don't select the containing anchored 
frame) and press (in sequence) Escape f i f ("file import file"). 

3) Navigate to your graphics folder, select the icon file you want, and click 

4) In the Imported Graphic Scaling dialog, just click Set; since you're 
replacing an existing graphic, FM assumes you want the same sizing/scaling, and 
you do. 

The next time you do this, FM remembers the graphics folder location, so it 
goes quite quickly from then on. 


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