We're  long-time users of the AutoText plugin and it has saved us countless 
hours and much aggravation.

Micheal O'Laoghaire
Comverse Inc
Wakefield, MA

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I'm late to this discussion too. It's this sort of thing that caused me to
create the Auto-Text plug-in. At the time, the template I was using had
anchored frames for hints, warnings, database tasks, multicurrency tasks,
as well as various in-line anchored frames for special characters like the
"pretzel" key for the Macintosh. It drove all of the writers crazy having
to manually add these each time.

That's where Auto-Text comes in. You can define the content exactly as you
want it to appear in your document. Then you copy it into the AutoText.fm
document to define the AutoText entry. Give it a name, and a keyboard
shortcut (optional). Then, when you want to use the item, just place the
insertion point in your document, and choose the item from the AutoText
menu (or use the keyboard shortcut). Auto-Text will copy the item from the
AutoText.fm document, and paste it into your current document.

You have a lot of flexibility when defining the AutoText items. You can
use anchored frames with referenced graphics, using relative paths. When
you insert the Auto-Text entry, the relative paths are preserved. If you
need to change a graphic, you can just swap it out like you would any
other reference Frame graphic. You can even create AutoText entries that
reference content on a Reference page.

A single-user license is only $10. You can download the plug-in at the
Silicon Prairie web site (http://www.siliconprairiesoftware.com). It's
fully-functional, but will periodically display registration reminders.
You can try it out at no cost to see if it would help you with your issue.



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