Some years ago I had noticed that only those variables or cross-reference
formats or paragraph autonumbering definitions are imported in a
translation memory system (Trados) which are actually used in the document.
All those which are not used are not imported.
When you edit a variable which is not translated and then import
all variable definitions into another file, you might overwrite already
translated variable definitions in the other file.

I do not know, if this had changed. And it could be that some translation
memory systems handle this issue differently.

Best regards


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For next time, make sure the translators are given instructions to translate
the relevant variables in the variable file (you may need to specify the
specific variables) as well as any auto-numbering para formats that contain
words (eg, Chapter, Appendix, etc).

I always provide a specific variable file for the translators to use with
instructions on importing the variables into the book.


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May be a novice question for you guys who work in translation, but it's new
to me.

I'm updating an already translated-into-Spanish document with some new
screen shots (I don't speak Spanish, so I'm not messing with the text at
all). The problem is that the variables, like the Table Continuation, are
coming in as English instead of Spanish.

How can I get it to read "continuado" instead of "continued," hopefully
without messing up my installation too much?

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