Hi Framers,

I have TCS 2015 on a 64-bit Win7 machine with almost 19 Gb free HD space & 16 

This is my first time around using FrameMaker 2015 and attempting to publish 
our Help files from FrameMaker.  I learned a lot from Matt Sullivan's course 
and successfully published a "test run" in November, so  I thought I was all 
set and all I'd have to do is update the content, tweak the CSS a little bit, 
and republish.  Well...nothing's ever easy!

I'm publishing a large book (2400 pgs) with about 100 component FM files.

-          All files open in FM without error.

-          Style sheet and mapping are complete.

-          When I attempt to publish to HTML5, the process crashes at the 89th 
document. A "Failed Importing Documents" message appears, then FM closes.  No 
files have been updated, even the first 88.  At least the Date Mod. property is 
still the date I initiated the project.
I contemplated dividing the book and attempting to publish the second half 
alone (as a test or to get the missing image files) but that would more than 
likely cause error messages due to unresolved cross-references.

Since I do have Tech. Comm. Suite, and I'm experienced with publishing CHM from 
RoboHelp, I tried going that route as well.  Everything seemed to go normally 
until I started scanning the output and found some missing images.  I see the 
*.PNG name, but no image.  On further investigation, I find there are almost 
500 image files of 0 Kb!  It appears that all of the "missing images" are in 
sections from the second half of the book (starting before the 89th FM where 
the other process crashed).

The only other thing I can think of is that it needs more memory to publish 
such a large book.  That being said, I *have* removed about 10 Gb of files from 
the HD today.  It's possible I had more free space in November than I do now.  
Is it worth a try to free up more HD space for the compile?

Any words of wisdom are welcome.  I'm about out of ideas.

Thanks in advance,

Judy Bragg
Technical Writer/QC
HYPACK - A Xylem Brand
56 Bradley St.
Middletown, CT 06457
O: +1.860.635.1500
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