Ah, thanks for the info. IIRC, I got the new (and therefore separate)
   Acrobat to support a specific feature I wanted. But I was unable to
   upgrade to the new Acrobat from the Acrobat that was part of the
   versions of TCS and Creative Suite (CS) that I had. And a new Acrobat
   was much cheaper than a new TCS or CS.
   I"ll plan to get to this within a week or so (installing the updates in
   turn), and report back.
   Thanks for the help!

  1.  I don't see an individual TCS updater package listed - IIRC if you update
any component in the suite, it prompts the update all the other components. You
can install just FM out of the suite if you like (you just have to turn off the
installation of the other components). Your separate Acrobat Pro license was a b
it of a waste since it's included in the suite already. Just make sure that you
don't get the "headless" Distiller that comes with FM messing with your "full" v
ersion - the TCS installer has been known to get that messed up sometimes.
  2.  Don't think one exists.
  3.  IIRC it was only with FM2017 that they went to cumulative updates that all
owed you to skip to the highest one. I'd play it safe and install each in turn.

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