I installed all five updates in turn, and things seem fine.
   It was still rather a challenge to get the pods docked to the right
   side -- instead of drag-and-dock within the FrameMaker blank space, I
   needed to drag-and-dock inside the file-content window. Then I did the
   drag-and-dock of the files-pod to inside (on the left) the file-content
   window. And then finally was able to drag-and-dock the whole combined
   thing, and everything sizes/resizes as it did before (meaning, in my
   Windows 7 setup).
   Still haven't really exercised FrameMaker on the new Win10 setup, nor
   have I installed the many add-ins/plugins I rely on (FM2PDF,
   Pubs-Tools, CudSpan Doc Tools, PageLabeler, Book Utilities, Silicon
   Prairie tools, a bunch of Rick Quatro's utilities, and likely other
   things I'm not recalling at the moment), nor the many font packages
   I've used over time for a variety of clients.
   But at least the basics of FrameMaker 2015/TCS seem to be working on
   Win10. So a win :-).
   Thanks for the help,

   I"ll plan to get to this within a week or so (installing the updates in
   turn), and report back.

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