FrameMaker, which includes a subset of Acrobat and RoboHelp features,
is $1000. The PDF settings let you specify the start page:

For $1700, you can get Adobe Technical Communications Suite, which
adds full Acrobat Pro, full RoboHelp, and Captivate. One useful
addition to FrameMaker in TCS is a "Save as review PDF" command, which
generates a comment-enabled PDF.

Or you could subscribe to Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Acrobat
Pro as well as PhotoShop and Illustrator, which might be more useful
than the TCS apps.

Hard to say which is the best choice without knowing your exact requirements.

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 5:59 AM, Carrie Baker <> wrote:
> I moved to a new job and they want to buy Frame for me.
> I wanted to ask.  Do I need to buy Acrobat too?

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