The WebWorks ePublisher thing mentioned in that book came out just as
Confluence was switching from wiki markup (versions 3 and earlier) to
XHTML (versions 4 and later). it converted FrameMaker docs to an awful
mess of Confluence 3 wiki markup and macros that rendered OK but was
not editable. WebWorks never updated it to support XHTML.

The book itself suffered from similar bad timing. She wrote it about
Confluence 3 and wiki markup but it wasn't published until Confluence
4 had been out for a while. The passage about import options reflects
Confluence 3. From 4.0 on (current release is 6.8), the only supported
import format other than wiki markup has been Microsoft Word.

On Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 8:31 PM, Lore Eargle <> wrote:
> I stumbled on a copy of "Confluence, Techcomm, and Chocolate" by Sarah
> Maddox yesterday as I was searching for information on converting
> documentation to Confluence. She was working at Atlassian at the time she
> wrote this.
> See

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