Hello Frame Users.

Our software team has said they are going to switch their input from plainly 
formatted HTML to XML. I'm hoping to get some advice on what should be required 
from them. I am only familiar with unstructured Frame and so far we have 
manually processed the entire content dump for each update (and could probably 
continue that way).  Also, I do not know what the software team thinks XML 
structure is like. I suspect it will be just like the HTML, a series of nested 
open/close tags, just as is the HTML. I suspect they will not get on with any 
kind of semantic mark-up.

The content is very similar to a dictionary where you have a term and a number 
attributes. My first thought is to consider Lightweight DITA, but that might be 
too much to get set up, and it does not fit with everything else so I'm 
wondering if there is a particular structure we should suggest, and one that 
can be leveraged somehow by FrameMaker? (the dev team is already down on FM 
when they learned it cannot simply open HTML files and display readable 
content, or I don't know how).

Thanks for any advice.


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