Hi Lin,

I copied and pasted the dll and restarted FrameMaker, but I do not get
any MIF wash menu item.
Is there anything else what I have to do?
Update maker.ini or something like this?

Best regards


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If you're talking about the BookMIFWash dll (BookComponentMIFWash.dll) that 
Adobe supplies as a sample of how to create plugins, an updated version is 
included with Frame 2019. You need to copy it from

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe FrameMaker


C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe FrameMaker 2019\fminit

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> Hi all,
> Does anyone know if you can use Wash via MIF with FM 2019? We just 
> upgraded (from FM 10!) and even though we copied the dll file to the 
> same location in the FM 2019 folder it doesn't seem to work. Is it not 
> supported in FM 2019? And if not, do you know of a similar function to 
> "wash" the files?
> Thanks,
> BR Christiane
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