I remember giving a presentation on auto-numbering paragraphs (including 
different head levels, figures, tables, etc. in a single numbering system) to 
one of these User Groups at Medtronic in Minneapolis back in the 90s. That 
group had folks from the airline as well as medical device industries as well 
as others.

Rolling along partway into the presentation I had someone from a rather 
substantial audience say "Wait a minute!" and then point out an error in my 
method. I turned around to look at the huge screen behind me and realized she 
was right. I was stunned, frozen in the glare of the screen, recognizing that 
my method was not going to work properly. A presenter's nightmare.

After a few moments (that seemed very long moments) I turned back to the 
audience and said. "You're right. Let's fix this." I then did a revamping of 
the method right there in front of the audience, highlighting the errors and 
explaining the corrections. All that took place without a blip and the newly 
defined method worked like a charm. The Adobe rep who was in the audience later 
congratulated me on getting out of a pretty tough spot by giving the audience a 
hand's on troubleshooting session that highlighted many important aspects of 
how auto-numbering works (and how it doesn't). That day I lost my fear of 
screwing up in front of an audience.

There may be a few Twin-Citians out there who recall this. If so, don't 
publicly burst my bubble if your recollection is different. Still, I trust the 
impression of that Adobe rep.


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