Hanno Schlichting wrote:

>FWIW our former 'magnificent five' have left us not only whit but also
>some written process documentation at
Excellent, great reading material (I wasn't aware this existed).

>In there it mentions the 'Framework Team Lead'. Is this a role which
>really existed in the old team or something we find useful? Do we want
>to elect one of us to be either our lead or spokesperson?
Personally I don't see the point of a framework team lead when Whit is
gonna be looking out, but I won't be opposed to it if other people
wanted it.

>Another thing which was mentioned was that the old team communicated
>quite a lot through telephone conference calls. Was this considered to
>be an effective way to communicate, is this something which works
>considering the telephone costs in Europe? Or have all of us access to
>the same Internet based speech service? I guess for the first
>lower-activity month the mailing list will work quite well, but we
>should prepare for the intense 'two-weeks-review' phase ;)
I don't really feel like making expensive calls to Europe ;)  But, I'm
on satellite internet so regular voip (ie Skype) has like a 2 or 3
second lag.  In any event, I'll do whatever we need to do ;)

>Are there any other rules we want to agree on to make working together
>as smooth and fun as possible?
Rule #1: make things smooth
Rule #2: have fun


>Am I way off and we we don't want to talk about this meta-stuff at all?
Sounds like good talk to me ;)


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