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greetings to all of you, now that our group is kind of inaugurated ;-)

In there it mentions the 'Framework Team Lead'. Is this a role which
really existed in the old team or something we find useful? Do we want
to elect one of us to be either our lead or spokesperson?

Personally I don't see the point of a framework team lead when Whit is
gonna be looking out, but I won't be opposed to it if other people
wanted it.
No opinion here; currently I don't think we need a specific team leader
but if others do think so I have no problem with it.

Another thing which was mentioned was that the old team communicated
quite a lot through telephone conference calls. Was this considered to
be an effective way to communicate, is this something which works
considering the telephone costs in Europe? Or have all of us access to
the same Internet based speech service? I guess for the first
lower-activity month the mailing list will work quite well, but we
should prepare for the intense 'two-weeks-review' phase ;)

I don't really feel like making expensive calls to Europe ;)  But, I'm
on satellite internet so regular voip (ie Skype) has like a 2 or 3
second lag.  In any event, I'll do whatever we need to do ;)
Personally, I would prefer the mailing list as our communication work horse.
I'm strongly against telephone conferences because of their cost (and
some weird regulations at the place where I work).

I could live with Skype (but only from home - so usually not during
European business hours) even though there are some caveats.
and in particular
for more. From what I know, Skype only supports conferences
with up to five participants.

Are there any other rules we want to agree on to make working together
as smooth and fun as possible?

Rule #1: make things smooth
Rule #2: have fun
Could we maybe swap 1 and 2 ;-)


Am I way off and we we don't want to talk about this meta-stuff at all?
Sounds like good talk to me ;)
I consider it important to get this set up straight, so yes, I do think
we should talk about this now.


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