On 12/1/06, Rocky Burt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Well, I'm going the other way around. I've wrote an adapter for AT
> Widgets so that they implement IWidget. A secondary goal of mine was
> to write an adapter to AT Fields to implement IField. And then we
> could use AT stuff unmodified with formlib. With not too much effort I
> still believe that's doable.

I was avoiding that direction on purpose.  Building widgets in a nice
clean zope3 way and then writing an archetypes compatiblity layer would
help BBB.  Building widgets in AT style and providing a formlib
compatiblity layer means people will continue writing archetypes
widgets :(

I'm sorry but I disagree. We would have to stop and put a big amount
of effort up to getting all the widgets ported to Z3. We can't afford
that time and effort. If we do bridge the AT Widgets to Z3 we can
start using formlib right away. And then we can re-write the widgets,
one at a time, correctly and avoiding previous mistakes *and* keeping
backward compatibility with existing tools (AGX) and documentation
(including books). If we just rush ahead and try to do it all at once
we risk ending up with a similar mess to what we have today, only with
a nicer name.

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