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2) It does monkey patch the publisher (in a pretty sane way). Note that this patch would go away if FiveException was merged into Zope 2, which is not completely unlikely, especially if we push for it.

So let's. :)

My recommendation:

  (*) We merge, provided:

a) We merge the one template override (folder_delete.cpy) into CMFPlone, which should be harmless b) We make an on/off switch to turn off the behaviour globally (Andi is working on this) c) We make it into plone.app.linkintegrity rather than Products/LinkIntegrity (trivial)

Sounds good. Especially the global on/off switch somewhere is important, for people that may not want this.

What do you think? We can have this ready for merge by the end of the year if we get the +1.


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