On 13 Apr 2007, at 16:39 , whit wrote:
since I own five.intid, I take this opportunity to bitch that I hate viewcvs, the collective has trac and normal http browsing and often is faster than zope's repository and is not plone specific. And having to use ssh + svn sucks for creating developer bundles or doing developer checkout view easy_install. who should I be sending mail to at the ZF?

I think Martijn is in charge of technical things like this. I would hope that volunteers who would like to install trac etc. will soon be giving access. There are actually some benefits to the current svn +ssh infrastructure and since we have an svn:// server for anonymous checkouts, I don't so much see the problem here. Sure, changing stuff in externals in-place doesn't work, but typically you're not supposed to do that anyway (need to run tests, etc.).

all bitching aside, +1 let's move it ;)  what needs to happen here?

Are you a Zope committer? If so, just check it in. If you want to preserve version history, we'll need a dump of the relevant SVN revisions and somebody at ZF/ZC will have to import them.

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