Alexander Limi wrote:
On Thu, 22 Nov 2007 01:59:23 -0800, Martijn Pieters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I see both sides of the  coin here, Wichert is correct in insisting on
shorter release cycles, Martin is correct that December is not the
month to do this. I won't have much time to review bundles over New
Year for example, not with a move coming up at the end of January as

Can we add just 2 weeks or so to Wichert's schedule?

+1 for adding a couple of weeks since Christmas throws things off by that much. I agree with the other sentiments here that it's not about the time since 3.0, it's about the time from announcement of the deadlines until the actual deadline. 1.5 months is way too short, particularly with Christmas in there.

I agree with Wichert's goals, but I still think there should be some more wiggle room the first time around. :)

[1.5 days off-line and a lot to catch up with ;-) ]

FWIW: while I agree with Wichert in principle I also do
think his proposed schedule is somewhat tight given Christmas.

So I would be fine with adding 1 or even 2 weeks to his proposed
schedule (not more!) but I could also live with his original
proposal. Though I agree with Martin that we might loose those
contributions that get only serious consideration once a deadline
is in sight but OTOH I consider that a non-issue if we aim for
shorter release cycles in general. Maybe we could even indicate
an explicit time line for 3.2 right away as well?


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