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Dear Framework Team,

we submitted the following plip:

We suggest to use the following new kss package versions for Plone 3.1:


New kss.core version 1.4, currently on trunk, will be ready to be
released in January. At the moment the code is testable on trunk.

Key improvements that come with the new version are:

    * faster page load with base2
    * syntax improvements, eg. recursive value providers, comma
separated  selectors

The last one "comma separated selectors" is important IMO and makes for smaller and more readable kss files.

As already pointed out in this thread, base2 and jQuery are almost interchangeable for their selector capability. AFAIK both are really fast and especially error free. I also heard jQuery is beginniung to incorporate speed improvements from base2. Anyway, in KSS it's just a few lines of code to switch and it can be done automatically by checking which one is loaded. One thing just occured to me. I think jQuery tends to use XPath like selector syntax instead of CSS3 in some special cases, for kss files it would be desireable to be as CSS3 like as possible, so this should also be a consideration.

If this last sentence mean that jQuery selector function mixes XPATH
syntax with CSS syntax, I think we should keep base2 inside KSS, in
order to keep K stylesheets coherent.

Which is what you are meaning, right ?

Florian Schulze

Godefroid Chapelle (aka __gotcha) http://bubblenet.be

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