Hi guys,

I have two, somewhat related questions:

- For pretty much all of my PLIPs, I'll be changing one package only. I suspect many Plone 3.1 PLIPs will be the same. I can obviously create a buildout (copying ploneout/branches/3.0 and changing the svn:externals in src/ to point to my branch), but this will quickly lead to a ton of buildouts, the majority of which will be very similar.

How do you feel about a "lite" review bundle that basically is just an instruction like "Use ploneout 3.0 branch and svn switch src/plone.app.portlets to the following URL"? Perhaps it's a good alternative for you guys in cases where there's only one package that's changed?

- PLIP 203 makes it possible to register portlets using plone.app.portlets. I'd say that if and when it's accepted, we should use this for Plone's own portlets (in portlets.xml), to save some Python code in setuphandlers.py.

However, I'd prefer to do this after the PLIP has been merged. It's a zero-risk thing: if we don't get around to it, the current setup will work just fine and users will never notice the difference. It just saves me managing yet another branch and saves you reviewing and merging yet another branch. IMHO, branching CMFPlone should be avoided if possible, since this quickly leads to a merge headache or things drifting out of synch in review bundles. What do you prefer?


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